Getting Started

To register as a New Group, please click here to register your Organization.

If you are an Individual and have received your Organization's Unique ID then:

- Click in the New User Icon directly to your right.
- Once you have created your User Profile, you will be prompted to enter your Group's Id.
- Enjoy your Shopping Trip and 'Making Every Purchase Profitable' for your Organization!

- If your organization is not registered with us, please give us a call or ask your group leader to contact us at 864.886.9701 or by email at 


At the heart of our Mission Statement is our pledge to provide Nonprofit Organizations with the tools needed to support and meet their fundraising goals. For over a decade UnitedScrip has provided these tools to our partners, the first to consider our software as a part of our support to you, and the first to give it to you totally free! is the progression of our commitment to your organization.We welcome your feedback and hope your organization benefits greatly from this new option!

Who can Use

Individuals affiliated with a nonprofit organization.

Individuals interested in helping a nonprofit from anywhere in the continental United States.

Companies interested in allowing their normal expenses or incentives to help a nonprofit.